Multiple uses

Mobie OnEdu is not limited to just learning and training purposes. Its Mobie Zine and Flipbook online magazine functionalities are widely used for creating magazines, annual reviews, various reports and digital marketing materials, while the flexible forms tool in OnEdu allows users to create even the most complex queries.

What Mobie Zine can do:

  • Creation of courses and course materials for students
  • Skill level assessments and surveys
  • Performance reviews and 360 appraisals
  • Job satisfaction surveys
  • Teacher’s training
  • Remote training and meetings (videoconferencing)
  • Interactive discussion groups for the students or teachers
  • Implementation of support services (Chat, videoconferencing system, support forums)
  • The Mobie Zine publishing system can be used to create spectacular online publications or learning materials, such as digital books, magazines, annual reports, brochures and user manuals.

The Mobie OnEdu learning environment ranked 1st in the extensive evaluation of learning environments by the EU (Imaile 2014), in which 73 of the most significant learning environments were examined.

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