Mobie OnEdu Learning Environment

Based on the latest standards, Mobie OnEdu is a modular learning solution with versatile assignment and reporting features for schools and educational institutes. Its achievement badges encourage students to complete course subjects, and when a course is completed, Mobie OnEdu awards the user with an electronic badge and/or a printable certificate for the completion of a course.


As a cloud service, Mobie OnEdu enables study regardless of the device, screen size or operating system, even without an online connection. Read more


Mobie OnEdu represents a new generation of modular learning and training systems, developed as a functional whole according to the latest standards. Read more


In addition to basic assignment types, Mobie OnEdu contains 28 interactive HTML5 tools that you can use to create all-new visual assignments. Read more


Mobie OnEdu contains internal Facebook-like social media functionality, including messaging walls, groups, chats, video chats, discussion forums and blogs. Read more

Easy to use

Content can be created or edited quickly and easily on any device. The audio and video features of mobile devices can also be used to create content. Read more

Many uses

Mobie OnEdu is the most versatile education and training environment on the market. It is also the winner of the EU evaluation on learning environments. Read more